Float Valve

Floating valve floats on the tray and changes its opening as the gas flow rate changes.
The float valve is part of the tower internals and the float valve is provided with three claws. The floating valve tray is provided with many circular holes, each of which is equipped with a valve disc with three legs. Material is stainless steel in general, according to different media to choose different materials and its adaptation.
There are many types of floating valve, there are circular valve, there are also strip Angle valve. China is currently the main use of circular valves.
Working principle:
There are many holes on the float valve tower, all equipped with a valve on each hole, when there is no rise in vapor phase, the float valve closure on the plate; when there is a vapor phase rises, float valve is impacted by the steam flow and open up, open degree increase with the increase of the amount of vapor phase, rising vapor phase through the valve hole, in the floating to horizontal dispersion under the action of valve plates. Bubbling through the liquid layer, it makes a good contact with gas-liquid two phase, to achieve the ideal effect of heat and mass transfer.
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