Threaded Float Valve

The function of threaded float valve is to stop the inflow of water supply when a certain desired water level is reached. Its revolutionary ingenious design eliminates the need of floater-buoyancy mechanism, making it compact and light, which will efficiently save costs in storage and transportation.
Our this type float valve is most common use type. It can be made by SS201, SS304, SS316, Brass, etc. The price is suitable for customers' local market. And the delivery time is also fast. So more and more customers choose this type float valve.
A, It can be made to specific requirements for use in industrial applications such as in reservoirs, in boilers, in chemical plants and so on.
B, easy installation, flexible adjustment. Can be installed at any Angle adjustment. Avirulent insipidity, lead-free salt stabilizer, can be used for drinking water.
C, corrosion resistance, wide adaptability. In the solar energy, cooling tower, environmental protection, anticorrosive, chemical industry and other areas of different medium containers used extensively.
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