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Ball Float Steam Traps Valve Threaded
Jun 20, 2017

Basic Info:

  • Type: Ball Float

  • Size: 1/2"-1"

  • Medium: Steam

  • Usage: Drain

  • Specification: ISO 9001

  • Material: C.S

  • Category: Steam Trap

  • Working Temperature: Below 250 Deg C

  • Application: Steam Equipments and Pipelines

  • Transport Package: Carton, Plywood Case

  • Origin: China

Brief Introduction:
Ball Float Steam Trap, similar to Spirax Sarco Design, mainly used for steam system to drain condensate water,
Structural characteristic :
1.The valve adopts two kinds of sealing,balance double valve seat and single valve seat with reliable closedown and long life.
2.There's always condensate water available in front of the valve with reliable water sealing and non-leakage of steam.
3.No noise before operation in favor of environmental protection.
4.At the beginning of ventilation,all the valves start and lowtemperature condensate water and air are rapidly expelled to greatly shorten the start time for equipment.
5.Internal component is made of stainless steel, corrosion and cavitation erosion proof.

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