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Cast Steel Stainless Steel Flanged Y Type Filter Y Strainer
Sep 16, 2017

Y Strainer

Y Strainer can be used in water filtration industry, agriculture, electronics, medicine, construction, steel, metallurgy, paper and other industries.
Particularly in the application of plant water recycling, efficient use of water resources to the maximum. Treatment of industrial wastewater characteristics of type Y Strainer is pertinence, technology changes. The filtering structure model can effectively improve the efficiency of sewage treatment.

Y Strainer is usually installed in the valve, relief valve inlet pressure, water valves or other equipment end, used to remove the impurities in the medium, to protect the normal use of valves and equipment.It is suitable for water, oil, and gas.

Y Strainer is part of the filter pipe for the hydraulic system, is the pipeline transportation process involved in the filter. Mainly consists of a connecting pipe, tube, filter basket, flange, flange cover and a fastener. Installed in the pipeline to remove the larger solids in the fluid, the machinery and equipment (including compressor, pumps etc.), instrument can work and operation, stable process, the role of safety production.
Principle of Y Strainer:
When the liquid cylinder into the filter basket, solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, while the clean fluid through the filter, the filter outlet by basket. When cleaning, unscrew the head bottom plug, drain fluid, remove flange, clean and reinstall it. Therefore, maintenance is extremely easy to use.
The performance and characteristics of Y Strainer:

1. Y type filter is a kind of indispensable filter pipeline system conveying medium, Y type filter has the advantages of simple fabrication, advanced structure, convenient installation and cleaning, pollutant carrying capacity, small resistance, convenient pollution discharge.
2. Y type filter into the flange connection, threaded connections, welded connections, casting welding process, the specific circumstances in accordance with the requirements of the actual conditions and technology approved, the customer must provide.

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