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Fully Welded Ball Valve Advantages
May 23, 2017

China Sinpo Valve offered floating valve, water valve, fully welded ball valves. 

OEM and Customized Design ,all available here.

Fully welded ball valve advantages:
1. Integral seamless steel tube pressed full-auto welded without leaking outward.
2. PTFE+25% carbon fiber and disc spring feely compensating structure zero leakage.
3. Directly buried without need of a high ground well, saving the engineering cost.
4. Both valve and pipeline are made of the same material, without the condition of uneven stress.
5. Multiple connection combination , fire and electrical prevention design, using in the special working conditions.
6. Maintenance-free for 20 years.

We also have many other ball valves for your choice. Welcome to inquiry and get an order!

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