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How to choose the appropriate flow according to the valve
Dec 02, 2016

1, for the diversion of the valve

Depending on the need for diversion, the valve can have three or more channels, suitable for the use of plug valves and ball valves. Most of the valves used for the diversion of the use of such valves. In some cases, other types of valves, with two or more are only properly connected to each other, can also be used as a medium for the diversion.

2, with a suspended particles of the media with the valve

If the media with suspended particles, the most suitable for its opening and closing parts along the sealing surface with the sliding effect of the valve wipe. Such as flat gate valve.

3, cut off and switch on the media with the valve

Usually choose a smaller flow resistance, flow-through valve for the straight. Such valves are gate valve, globe valve, plunger valve. Down closed valve, because of the tortuous flow path, flow resistance than other valves, it is less choice. However, in the case of allowing a higher flow resistance, can also be used closed valve.

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