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Introduction of Two Kinds of Sealed Structure of Electric Metal Sealed Ball Valve
Dec 02, 2016

The ball valve has the advantages of simple connection, compact structure, small size, light weight, low resistance, stable and reliable operation, etc. It is mainly used for two cutting and regulating occasions, and the connection of ball valve and actuator is direct connection. Electric metal sealing ball valve is mainly applied to high temperature 250 degrees above the working conditions.

In this case,

Electric metal sealing ball valve in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and urban central heating and other industries have been widely used. However, the ball valve made of PTFE high molecular material can not be used in the condition that the temperature is higher than 280 ℃ or the conveying medium is tiny granular. The metal material to seal the pair of hard sealed ball valve, when the ball will be rotating due to different structures in a variety of situations. Such as metal elastic seat sealing structure, due to the elastic seat and the ball is not formed between the gap, so the friction is great.

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