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Introduction to Sinpo Float Valve
Mar 14, 2017

Introduction to Sinpo Float Valve

Sinpo Float Valve is used to maintain fluid level in a storage tank or a sump. As the name indicated, it consists of a ball shaped float which senses the current level of the fluid and actuates the valve to open or close depending on the fluid level.

Application of Float Valve

Water Supply

Float valves are widely used in water supply system to automatically fill the tank or sump from a main storage tank.  It can employ directly in by installing directly inside the tank/sump or by using as remote sensing valve for the main valve. 


All toilet flush tanks are employed with float valve for filling the tank after each flush. 


Float valves are widely used in oil, chemical, petrochemical factories for automatic filling of liquid tanks.

Materials of Sinpo Float Valve: Brass, SS201, SS304, SS316, etc.

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