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NB - IoT intelligent water meter application experience seminar was held in Beijing
Jul 03, 2018

On June 28, 2018, sponsored by the magazine of the water supply and drainage, to undertake the mobile Internet industry alliance, huawei technologies Co., Ltd., Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd, China united network communications group Co., Ltd., outlook, a think-tank, provide the media support "NB - IoT intelligent water meter application experience seminar" feng international hotel was held in Beijing.

Experts and leaders present at the meeting are: China academy of urban planning and design urban water development research institute, China urban water supply and drainage association, deputy director of the secretariat chang-qing zhou, the Chinese city of sciences Zhang Shenglei, chief engineer of digital engineering research center, school of environment, tsinghua university professor shu-ming liu, deputy general manager of baotou city water company cloud chamfort, huawei technologies Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Shanghai research institute of cellular Internet product line DiaoZhiFeng, Peng Ling yingtan city water company general manager, China unicom iot development center, deputy general manager of Beijing branch Liu Yin, jiangxi sichuan group Co., Ltd. chairman , Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd chairman Jianlin li. Nearly 300 people attending.

The seminar of NB - IoT intelligent water meter application experience of and for NB - IoT intelligent water meter technology and professional interpretation, has won the acceptance of many experts, sanchuan uphold the "hard for the realization of human science, healthy drinking water with water" concept, will lead the NB - a loT of intelligent water meter to the nation, take off the world, entered the Internet era of Internet of things.

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