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Seven features allow you to select pneumatic ball valves
Dec 02, 2016

First, the pneumatic valve seat seal is better, specifically, the use of PTFE and other elastic materials to do the successful seal, leakage does not occur, and with the media pressure increases, the ball valve sealing capacity Will be getting better;

Second, with PTFE and other elastic materials, can produce better self-lubricating effect, even with the ball friction, but the wear intensity is not large, so the service life of pneumatic valve longer than the general valve;

Third, in all valve classification, the pneumatic valve with its smaller fluid resistance, favored by consumers, such as the familiar reduction of the pneumatic ball valve, the fluid resistance is very small;

Fourth, the valve stem seal is also more reliable, because the stem does not do lift movements, and anti-rotation operation and the packing seal is not easy to be destroyed;

Fifth, for thrust bearings, can play to reduce the effect of friction stem, according to the results, even if used for a long time, still can be flexible manipulation of the stem;

Sixth, anti-static function can not be ignored. Between the ball, the valve body and the stem between the West about the designer will be placed in the spring, the valve opening and closing process can be safely derived during the static electricity generated;

Seventh, the lower stem, can effectively prevent the stem of the spray, such as encountered fire and other problems, it is easy to damage the seal, and this method can effectively form a metal contact between the valve body to ensure that no leakage.

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