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The eight functions of a control valve are also called a full function valve
Dec 02, 2016

1, good regulation

Adjustment function is one of the main functions of the control valve, the performance of ① flow characteristics; ② adjustable R; ③ small opening performance; ④ flow coefficient; ⑤ adjust the speed. Full-function ultra-light control valve R = 100, so that a small opening adjustment is good; Kv value is a single two-seat valve, sleeve valve 2 to 3 times.

2, cut off function is good

The cut-off function reflects the inherent mass of the valve. Standard valve leakage rate is usually 10 to 10; full-function ultra-light control valve standard leak rate of 10, single and double seat valve, sleeve valve 100 to 1000 times higher.

3, to overcome the large pressure

Overcoming the pressure difference function is to ensure that the premise of cutting, and cut off the function is inseparable. Double seat valve to allow large pressure, but the leakage; single seat valve leakage is small, but allows a small pressure difference. Full-featured ultra-light control valve to better solve the large pressure, leakage and requires a small problem, which allows the pressure up to PN value.

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