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Ball Valve Flanged More Efficient Operation, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Aug 02, 2017

With China's economic development, the valve industry has become technology. Now people are no longer confined to the original valve, more and more industries in contact with stainless steel flange ball. At the same time, Ball Valve Flanged Flanged relative to other valves, the installation cost is lower, more efficient operation, but also more energy efficient, late maintenance and more relaxed.

Such a good type of valve, automatic control valve is indispensable, and now has gradually become the mainstream of the valve market products. As the industry concentration is too low, resulting in backward technology, low-cost competition, the lack of influential brands and many other unfavorable factors, making such a large Chinese valve market to now there is no real sense of the brand.

Through long-term advertising or customer service, etc. to build up the corporate product image or brand loyalty, is a potential competitor to enter the industry one of the main obstacles. Especially the Ball Valve Flanged, gate valve, Ball Valve Flanged Flanged or butterfly valve production enterprises, the new industry to enter the industry manufacturers have to spend a lot of investment and time to overcome the original customer brand loyalty, to establish their own products (or brand) image.

Ball Valve Flanged Flanged can not only play the role of switch, as the regulation of the Ball Valve Flanged Flanged can also achieve the valve position adjustment function, such a multi-functional, energy saving, and the use of low-cost products in the market to become " Darling "is an inevitable trend.

Preparation of Ball Valve Flanged before installation

1, before and after the pipeline should be coaxial, two flange sealing surface should be parallel. Pipes should be able to withstand the weight of the Ball Valve Flanged, otherwise the pipe must be equipped with appropriate support.

2, the valve before and after the pipeline clean, remove the pipeline of oil, welding slag and all other impurities.

3, check the Ball Valve Flanged logo, identify the Ball Valve Flanged intact. The valve fully open all closed several times confirmed that its work is normal.

4, remove the Ball Valve Flanged at both ends of the connection flange protection.

5, check the valve hole to clear the dirt may be, and then clean the valve hole. Even if only small particles of foreign matter between the seat and the ball may damage the valve seat sealing surface.

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