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Check Valve System For Security Protection
Aug 02, 2017

Check valve in a lot of work at the same time, its product quality is very important. So that the normal operation of the check valve is the guarantee of continuous work, if the leisure time through a variety of test methods for the quality of the check valve to achieve the purpose of safe work. So how does the check valve detect?

We generally divide the easiest way to check the check valve into three steps:

First, open the check valve access, water (or kerosene) filled the valve chamber, and boost to the strength test requirements of the pressure, check the valve body, bonnet, gasket, filler with or without leakage.

Second, off the dead valve, in the side of the check valve pressure to the nominal pressure, from the other side to check whether the leakage.

Third, the check valve will be reversed, the opposite side of the test. Through the above three simple steps can be analyzed to check the basic working state of the check valve is abnormal.

Of course, there are more complex test methods, the following method is pointed out that the more complex for the potential problems, the basic steps can be divided into two steps:

First, the check valve test pressure Nominal pressure from 0.4Mpa-32Mpa, these commonly used pressure valve, the valve strength test pressure for its nominal pressure of 1.5 times. Valve seal test pressure, equal to 1.1 times the nominal pressure.

Second, the check valve test bench usually has a compression part above, there is a connection with the test pump connected to the pipeline. The valve will be pressed, the test pump work, from the pressure test pump on the pressure gauge, you can read the pressure to withstand the valve number. When the electric valve is pressurized, the air in the valve will be drained. The upper platen of the test bench has an exhaust hole and is opened and closed with a small valve. The sign of the air is that all of the exhaust holes are water. Close the vent and start boosting. The step-up process should be slow, do not be sharp. To achieve the required pressure, to maintain 3 minutes, the pressure does not change to qualified.

1, the role of check valve

Check valve, also known as anti-valve, single-valve, check valve or check valve, its role is to ensure that the pipeline in the medium flow without flow.

Check valve opening and closing is to rely on the medium flow force to open and close. Check valve is an automatic valve product, check valve only allows the media to flow in one direction of the pipeline to prevent the phenomenon of media reflow occurred. Its use of a wide range, applicable to the size of caliber, a variety of media, high voltage system used in power stations.

2, the principle of check valve

Check valve is to rely on the medium to flow to open the valve, the same reason the media back to push the valve and closed, check valve also known as the check valve, check valve, counter valve and back pressure valve. Mostly belong to the automatic valve, the main function is to prevent the media back to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal and container media discharge use. But also for the pressure may rise to more than the system pressure in the auxiliary system for security protection.

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