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Domestic Petrochemical Industry Investment Overheating And Overcapacity Is Alarming
Jul 03, 2018

At the recent petrochemical industry development conference in 2018, China petroleum and chemical industry federation of domestic petrochemical industry at present in some areas this warning investment overheating, the phenomenon of excess production capacity.In recent years, rising international oil prices are low, the boom of petrochemical industry, profits rebounded sharply, with the domestic petrochemical market openness, private enterprise obtained amongs so many brands of crude oil and refined oil, and has given rise to China's petrochemical industry appeared a new petrochemical investment boom, so that the petrochemical industry structural overcapacity further highlight, intensified competition in the industry.

In the current world petrochemical industry under the condition of recovery, a distinct increase in domestic petrochemical industry investment, especially for private enterprises to speed up the expansion, lead to the emergence of investment diversification of competition situation.And the opening of national policy, petrochemical projects approval authority to local governments, may contribute to the local government and corporation of petrochemical projects investment impulse.

To this, each enterprise in the industry should have a sober understanding, reduce the impulse scale expansion, should mainly focus on quality, and the synergistic extraction, transformation and upgrading, green low carbon high quality development, or to speed up the layout of the global market, enhance the global competitiveness.

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