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Drainage Water Valve Showed A Trend Of Steady Growth
May 08, 2017

Drainage valve is a special valve that used to control the flow, water level, it is often used for water supply, fire fighting system, sewage system, industrial water supply and drainage system, etc.In addition, in the water conservancy and irrigation system, drainage valve is also an important and indispensable control unit.In both global and domestic, drainage valve has become an important part.

Along with the growing size of the market, the global valve important application in the field of water supply and drainage valves as the valve plate also showed a trend of steady growth.

After entering the 1990s, along with the global tension, global environmental pollution control, water resources protection, the problems of the green ecological market puts forward higher standards on water supply and drainage valves products and requirements, and promote the rapid development of the technology of water supply and drainage valves.Some domestic enterprises through the introduction, digestion, absorption, water supply and drainage valves of advanced foreign technology and experience, combined with domestic actual condition carry on the improvement of independent development, new craft, new technology, new product launch, high efficiency, energy saving, flexible and reliable operation, long life products pouring into the market, make the development of China's water supply and drainage valves industry gradually approach and reached the international advanced level.

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