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Globe Valve Easy To Manufacture, Easy Maintenance
Aug 14, 2017

Globe Valve, also known as the door, is the use of a wide range of valves, it is popular, because the opening and closing process between the sealing surface friction is small, more durable, open height is not large, easy to manufacture Convenient, not only for low pressure, but also for high pressure.

The closing principle of the shut-off valve is to rely on the pressure of the valve, so that the valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface close to prevent the media circulation. Only one-way flow of the valve, the installation of directional. Cut valve structure length is greater than the gate valve, while the fluid resistance, long-term operation, the sealing reliability is not strong.

 In the DC or Y-shaped globe valve, the flow path of the valve body is slanted with the main flow path, so that the degree of damage of the flow state is smaller than that of the conventional shut-off valve, and the pressure loss through the instrument valve is correspondingly small.

Commonly used Globe Valve are the following:

1, DC-type Globe Valve: In the DC or Y-shaped valve, the valve body flow channel and the main channel into a slash, so that the flow of the degree of damage than the conventional Globe Valve to small, and thus through the instrument valve pressure loss Corresponding small.

2, the angle of the Globe Valve: In the angle-type valve, the fluid only need to change the direction, so that the pressure through the instrument valve pressure smaller than the conventional structure of the valve.

3, plunger-type Globe Valve: This form of Globe Valve is a conventional Globe Valve variant. In the instrument valve, the valve and valve seat is usually based on the principle of the design of the plunger. The disc is polished and the plunger is connected to the stem, and the seal is achieved by two elastic seals mounted on the plunger. The two resilient seals are separated by a collar and are pressed against the seal around the plunger by the load applied to the bonnet by the bonnet nut. The elastic seal can be replaced and can be made of a wide variety of materials. The instrument valve is mainly used for "open" or "off", but with a special form of plunger or special collar, can also be used to adjust flow.

Use of Globe Valve:

The valve stem of the globe valve is perpendicular to the sealing surface of the valve seat. The stem is open or closed with a relatively short stroke and has a very reliable cut-off action, making this instrument valve ideal for cutting or regulating media and throttling.

Once the valve valve valve is open, its valve seat and the valve seal surface is no longer between the contact, and has a very reliable cutting action, together that the instrument valve is very suitable as a medium cut or adjust and Throttle use.

In addition, once the stop valve is in the open state, its valve seat and the valve seal surface is no longer between the contact, so its sealing surface mechanical wear less, because most of the valve seat valve and the valve is easier to repair Or replace the sealing element without the need to remove the entire instrument valve from the pipeline, which for the instrument valve and pipeline welding into one place is very suitable. The flow direction of the medium through such instruments when the valve has changed, so the flow resistance of the valve is higher than other instrument valves.

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