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Globe Valve Has A Very Reliable Cutting Action
Oct 25, 2017

The valve stem of the stop valve is perpendicular to the sealing surface of the valve seat. The stem is open or closed with a relatively short stroke and has a very reliable cut-off action, making this valve ideal for cutting or regulating media and throttling. Once the valve valve is open, its valve seat and the flap seal surface is no longer between the contact, and has a very reliable cutting action, together this valve is very suitable as a medium cut or adjust and section Flow use.

Once the stop valve is in the open state, there is no contact between its valve seat and the flap seal surface, so its sealing surface mechanical wear less, because most of the valve seat valve and the valve is easier to repair or replace Sealing the components without the need to remove the entire valve from the pipeline, which for the valve and the pipeline welded into one place is very suitable. The flow direction of the medium through such a valve has changed, so the flow resistance of the valve is higher than other valves.

The application of the shut-off valve is very wide, and the shut-off valve can be used in most media flow systems. However, depending on the type of cut-off valve, the applicable situation is different.

1, DC stop valve

DC valve stem and channel into a certain angle, the valve seat sealing surface and the inlet and outlet channels also have a certain angle, the valve body can be made into a single or separate. Separate valve globe valve with two valve body in the middle of the seat, easy maintenance. This type of cut-off valve makes the fluid almost unchanged in the direction of flow, in the cut-off valve in the smallest resistance. Seat and flap sealing surface can be welded carbide, so that the entire valve more resistant to erosion and corrosion, very consistent with the alumina production process in the pipeline control, but also suitable for coking and solid particles in the pipeline.

2, angle-type valve

The biggest advantage of the angle valve is that the valve can be installed in the pipe system at the corner, so that not only save the 90 ° elbow, and easy to operate. Therefore, these valves are best suited for use in the ammonia production system of the fertilizer plant and in the refrigeration system. Such as J44H-160, J44H-320, L44H-160, L44H-320 is designed for synthetic ammonia production systems.

3, needle-type valveNeedle-type shut-off valve is used as a precise flow control. 

The valve flap is usually made into one of the stem, it has a seat with the seat, the high precision of the makeup makeup head. And the needle-type cut-off valve stem thread pitch than the general general valve valve stem thread pitch to be fine. In general, the size of the needle stop valve seat hole is smaller than the pipe size. Therefore, it is usually limited to the use of small pipelines in the nominal, more for the sampling valve.

4, oxygen pipe with cut-off valve

Oxygen pipeline with cut-off valve in strict accordance with the requirements of oxygen pipeline design. Packing box part of the strict seal, the external dirt must not enter the packing box. Body flange at both ends of the grounding device, in the pipeline after installation, should be grounded, prevent static fire. The valve shell material for the austenitic stainless steel or copper, conductive good, less prone to static fire. Sealed to the material for the PTFE body of the valve body material, for the soft seal, sealing performance, gas test leakage is zero. The valve in the assembly before the strict carbon tetrachloride degreasing treatment, absolutely no grease and dirt, will not cause static fire. The valve is suitable for oxygen piping in metallurgical systems and is also applicable to oxygen pipelines in other industries.

5, plunger stop valve

The plunger stop valve is radially sealed by two elastic seals on the polished plunger. The two elastomeric seals are isolated by a collar and are bolted to the valve cover by means of bolts on the valve cover to press the elastomeric seal around the plunger to secure the seal. The advantages of the valve is reliable, long life, easy maintenance; the shortcomings of the opening and closing speed is slow. This type of valve is widely used in urban construction systems, urban heating in the water, steam pipe.

6, high temperature and high voltage power station cut valve

High-temperature and high-voltage power station cut-off valve structure is characterized by the valve body and the valve cover are used in the pressure from the tight seal or clamp type, the valve body and the pipe connection in the form of butt welding connection, the valve material used chromium molybdenum steel or Chrome molybdenum vanadium steel, sealing surface mostly surfacing carbide. Therefore, the valve high temperature and high pressure, good heat resistance; sealing surface wear resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing performance, long life. The most suitable for thermal power industrial systems, petrochemical systems and metallurgical high temperature and pressure, steam, oil, superheated steam on the pipeline.

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