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Machining Of Valve Disc Of Pressure Reducing Valve
Dec 02, 2016

1, with the surface of the machining accuracy of 6, finish not less than ▽ 6. Non-mating surfaces have an accuracy of 8 and a finish of ▽ 3.

2, both ends of the cylinder with the sealing cone of the different axis is not greater than the specified value.

3, sealing cone shall not have cracks, marks, scribes and other defects, finish not less than

4, sealing cone bus is not straight, non-circular cone should be within the provisions of the tolerance.

The Machining Process of Valve Disc of Pressure Reducing Valve

Valve valve before the valve grinding machine processing are carried out in the ordinary lathe. In order to ensure the mutual precision of the outer circumference and the sealing cone, it is common to use a uniform positioning datum, that is, all the rotating surfaces are made with the center hole at both ends as the positioning datum. In addition, the rough, finishing a few more times to adjust the head, this can reduce the center hole is not caused by the positioning error. As far as possible when turning the main angle of the outer turning tool used to reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

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