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Marine Valve And Butterfly Valve Go Into Korea New Shipbuilding Market
Aug 18, 2018

Recently, Dalian Marine valve and South Korea heavy industry co., LTD have successfully signed a contract for the 114000 DWT crude oil/oil wheel butterfly valve, will provide P175, P176 two ships with a total of 452 set of butterfly valve.After signing, the company departments to act immediately, scramble and rob node, hold the contract delivery on time.

Korea's hanjin heavy industries is a well-known shipbuilding enterprises, so far, has been for more than 30 countries in the world of the owner has built more than 500 ships of all kinds of high technology content and high added value. The co-operation with hanjin heavy industries, not only accumulated the massive precious valves shipping experience, but also to expand exchanges, expand south Korean shipbuilding market provide strong guarantee;Also marked the first time of our products applied in new shipbuilding market, is a zero breakthrough, for the company's future cooperation with South Korea's other shipyard to lay the good start, to lay a solid foundation.

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