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National Valve Products Quality Supervision And Inspection Center And Promoting Development
Jun 26, 2018

National valve products quality supervision and inspection center since mid-march by slurry sampling site acceptance, center based on actual, internally to strengthen team construction, improve service levels, external incentive full use provide, orderly expansion center construction achievements of the recommendation, many measures to promote the steady development of the business center.Center on the routine inspection, such as pressure test for the petrochemical enterprises such as meizhou bay alkali, huaxing gas makes the valve provides security, cleared inspection of old and new all kinds of potential safety hazard of the valve.Such as life test, traffic flow resistance on the special inspection for several valve factory, such as Shanghai air valve group co., LTD., Yuhuan Sinpo Valve Co.,ltd, and other enterprises of new products to provide data support, for the good quality before new product putting-in-service proactively market.

So far, the center has visited the surrounding enterprises and other valve and petrochemical enterprises.And invite companies to exchange visit valve center, the center of the field show valve inspection detection ability, in order to further understand the market demand, provides a better future development.

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