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The Large Valve Company Sales Has Been More Than Hundred Million CNY
Jul 03, 2018

From the point of the industry, domestic valves with annual sales of nearly 300 billion yuan, but only more than 16 billion yuan, the profit margins is about 5.3%;And our country import valve each year more than 16 billion yuan, the profit is more than 80 billion yuan, the profit margin reached 50%, the gap is obvious.In expanding the domestic market scale, but that didn't screw valve business to more benefit, why? Under the trend of the overall market scale, how the valve enterprise grasp the new opportunities?

Production costs lead to valve lower corporate profits.Valve industry as a traditional manufacturing industry, for raw materials, labor, management efficiency of supply chain management has certain requirements, and belongs to the labor-intensive production mode, but the various kinds of high labor costs in recent years, especially the artificial wage does not match with technology level, and the relatively complete industrial chain of jiangsu and zhejiang area, land, and the rapid increase of management cost, direct impact on corporate profits and development.

For industrial valves, with the improvement of government demands for energy development and the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, green for the valve industry structural adjustment and industrial upgrading has brought new opportunities.So the electric power industry, petrochemical industry and other major construction of form a complete set of valves and new materials and environmental protection material valve, will become the new direction of market development.In the valve market, serious excess capacity, and consumers to the attention of the environmental protection, energy conservation, environmental protection, cost-effective and high quality products will be the consumer preference.

First of all, the enterprise can design,innovate and develop the valve material, structure, reliability and then through the digital platform is more strict control over the quality of product, to improve product reliability and safety performance indicators, such as accelerate the development of new materials and environmental protection material and mass production.And through the construction of the digital production line, to increase the productivity of the company's products, machining accuracy and manufacture level, so it can effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises.Finally through the information means to strengthen the logistics and supply chain management.Second, we should pay attention to the cultivation of the scientific research personnel, strengthening the cooperation between enterprises and research institutions, institutions of higher learning, and widely participate in the international technology exchange, to enhance the enterprise's own scientific research innovation ability, to develop more products with independent intellectual property rights, make innovation drive the development of traditional brand new normal.Third, no matter what industry, only have the core competitiveness of enterprises can foothold in the market.Even in today's market change frequency accelerate, innovation is still the most effective tools for enterprises to win the market.So for valve enterprise, through technical innovation to form barriers to competition in the market, such ability can form enough brand premium, eventually improve enterprise profitability.

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