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The National Strength Hardness Gravity Measurement Technology Council Annual Meeting In 2018
Jun 26, 2018

Recently, the national strength hardness gravity measurement technology committee meeting was held in wuxi, jiangsu province, from the national related units of more than 90 people attended the meeting, the city of wuxi metering courtyard as co-sponsors, actively involved in the preparations for the conference, reception, etc.At the meeting, the commissioner to review the quantity traceability and transfer the gravity acceleration diagram to the content of the review.

In May 2018, the national strength hardness gravity measurement technology committee issued the acceleration of gravity quantity traceability and transfer diagram "draft.Paper describes the acceleration of gravity at all levels and USES the composition of measuring instruments, metrology, provisions of the gravitational acceleration measurement datum after measurement standard to work transmission method transfer procedures, measuring instruments and the best measurement capability.

The technical committee in the review process is a strength, hardness, gravity measurement conducted in-depth exchanges, we discuss the positive and enthusiastic.The committee said the meeting for a whole year professional work of the technical committee opened a good start, good results have been achieved.

Wish all valves factories and suppliers got much more cooperation.

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