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Valves Must Have A Reliable Seal
Dec 02, 2016

Valve sealing performance is the valve sealing parts to prevent leakage of media capacity, it is used to measure the technical performance of the valve the most important indicators. Valve sealing parts are mainly distributed in the opening and closing parts and the valve seat sealing surface of the contact between the Department, stuffing and valve stem and stuffing box with the Department and the valve body and the connection of the three parts. Although they are all important parts of the seal, but each time the sealing properties are different.

The first place, that is, the opening and closing parts and valve seat sealing surface of the contact between the Department called the leakage, when it occurs will affect the ability of the valve to cut off the media; and for the cut-off valve type, the leakage is not allowed. The latter two leaks are called leaks, ie, the media leaks out of the valve to the outside of the valve. Leakage can cause material loss, pollution of the environment, but also cause serious accidents, especially for flammable, toxic or radioactive media, leakage is not allowed, so the valve must have a reliable sealing performance.

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