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Q: What is the quality of SINPO brand camlock couplings?
The quality of SINPO brand quick connectors is very good; 1. SS304, SS316 fully comply with international standards; 2. The processing size is in full compliance with international standards; 3. The appearance of the product is very uniform and beautiful; 4. The maximum product size specification is DN250 5. The working pressure of the product fully meets the 1.6MPa pressure standard; 6. The product has a relatively long service life; 7. Repeated purchases by more than 300 customers from different countries; 8. OEM partners of major international brands;
Q: What are the advantages of SINPO products?
The surface of each product produced by SINPO is very uniform and beautiful; The processing size is in full compliance with the standard, and the production and processing are very accurate; The price/performance ratio of the product is very competitive, and the delivery speed is very reasonable; Product transportation protection measures and packaging measures have made customers very satisfied;
Q : The main features of the stainless steel butterfly valve?
A : 1. Small and lightweight, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed in any position. There are two types of connection between clip and flange. It can also be equipped with a flanged shrinkage, called an inlet flanged telescopic butterfly valve, which prevents the pipe from expanding and shrinking. 2. The structure is simple and compact, and the 90° rotation opens quickly. It can be powered by electric or pneumatic, called imported electric rubber-lined butterfly valve and imported pneumatic butterfly valve for remote control. 3. The operating torque is small, labor-saving and light. 4. The flow characteristics tend to be straight and the adjustment performance is good. Can be used for adjustment. 5. The number of opening and closing tests is up to tens of thousands of times and the life is long. 6. The seal can be replaced, the seal can bebidirectionally sealed, and the gas test leak is zero. It can also be used with a special structure of stainless steel butterfly valve, which can be use
Q : What is a ball valve?
A : A ball valve is an extremely durable stop valve that is designed primarily for On/Off function.
Q : What are gate valves?
A : Gate valves are most suited to services requiring full flow or no flow and infrequent operation.
Q : What is a check valve?
A : Check valves are mechanical valves that permit gases or liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing flow from reversing down the line.
Q : What are spring check valves?
A : Spring check valves have a disc held in place by a spring and ensure that gases or liquids flow in only one direction.
Q : What are swing check valves?
A : Swing check valves have a disc which swings into position to prevent back-flow while allowing full forward flow to be achieved through the valve.
Q : What are lift check valves?
A : Lift check valves work automatically with line pressure to prevent back-flow from occurring.
Q : What are globe valves?
A : Globe valves have a conical plug which reciprocates into and out of the valve port, allowing for shut-off and throttling.
Q : When is your company established ?
A : Since 2003 with experience in manufacturing valve & fittings.
Q : Where is your address ?
A : Head Office : Fortune Financial Center,Jianggan Disctrict,Hangzhou China Factory: Chenyu Industrial Zone, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, China.
Q : What is your MOQ ?
A : 500 pcs for customised products.
Q : Delivery time ?
A : Around 25 days after deposit received.
Q : Payment terms ?
A : T/T 30% deposit, 70% balance payment L/C others
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