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What Is Spring Check Valve?

What Is Spring Check Valve?


Since the social industry is now more and more developed, many equipments used in conjunction with industrial production systems have been created, and valves are such a kind of equipment.

Valves are very different in kind due to their different performances. Check valves are one of them. They rely on the force of fluid flow to drive the valve to automatically open or close, preventing fluid backflow and allowing fluid to flow in only one direction. Flow is an automatic valve. The check valve installation structure can be divided into three types: lift type, swing type and butterfly type.

The main function of the Swing Check Valve is to prevent the backflow of the fluid inside the pipe. It can be manufactured by using different materials, and can also be used on different fluid medium pipes, such as water, steam, nitric acid, strong oxidizing medium, etc. It is mainly used in production systems in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Its performance is very good, compared to the traditional PVC Swing Check Valve, its structure is relatively short, small size, light weight, so it is convenient to install and maintain. Its valve flap can be quickly closed, the pressure is very small, it can be used in horizontal or vertical pipelines, the flow passage is very smooth, and the fluid resistance is also small, so the operation is very sensitive, and it can ensure good sealing and prolong valve use. Life is very reliable.

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